Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Many Positive Effects of Fairy Tales For Your Children

Keep Your Child Happily Occupied And Stimulate Their Imagination.

Kids LOVE fairy tales. There is nothing more pleasing to children of all ages, than listening to a great story. And when kids fall in love with a story they'll want to hear it over and over again.

Listening to these stories will enhance your child's vocabulary, while increasing their attention span and ability to focus.

Fairy tales are just about everywhere, and you'll soon to begin to realize that your children love them. Whether it's the traditional Beauty and the Beast or a new Disney story that's come into the world, your children will be going absolutely crazy for them. What some people don't understand though, is that fairy tales do have a positive effect on your child's personality and development in later life. While you may not think that princess warriors and talking frogs can't help your children, the true reality is that they can!

Fairy tales are naturally written because of their creative values. However, the majority of them possess an underlining meaning. Whether it's showing happiness, trustworthiness or the benefits of being obedient to your elders, the majority of fairy tales do have a positive aspect to them. In addition to educating your child's mind from an early age, you'll also be helping them to develop a healthy personality. For example, Beauty and the Beast, speaks of a relationship between a beautiful princess and a beast. While the story is completely fictional, it will teach your child some important meanings of life. The ending of the story shows that children should learn to respect and love everybody in the world - regardless of their looks, race, culture or personality. If a princess can fall in love with a beast, then your child can make friends with somebody who looks different, right?

Apart from teaching your children morally correct principles in life, you'll also be helping them to develop a natural passion for reading and writing. Once they hear their first fairy tale, you can rest assured they will want to hear more and more. As time goes by, you'll begin to notice that your child begins to develop great reading and writing skills as a result. It's often hard to get your child started in life with the English language - but by teaching them fairy tales, you'll be giving them the boost in life they really need.

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